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Delicious Soup Secrets

Delicious Soup Secrets


Hi! I'm Pam!

Welcome to Soup So Fine where we share delicious soup secrets and help you make soup you can be proud of.

Hi! I’m Pam Flinn, and I’m the author/creator of Soup So Fine.com. I’m also a wife and former homeschooling parent from Pennsylvania. 

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Why Soup So Fine Came to Be

The idea for Soup So Fine blossomed from my passion for warm and welcoming soup. For me, soup sets the scene for an elevated sense of well-being, a hug from above, if you will. It just makes me feel good, and I sense you feel the same way.

I’m a home cook who enjoys creating recipes, writing, and photographing soup. I also have a fondness for coffee, hooded sweatshirts, campfires in the backyard, evergreen trees, and pie!

Making It Easy for Hungry People with Little Time to Cook

Even though I’m really into making soup, I understand that it’s sometimes hard to get everything to come together: the recipe, the ingredients, the prep time, and the energy to implement the plan.  

I want to make it easy for hungry people with little time to cook to enjoy soup when they walk in the door from work or play. So, I found a way to help you easily have the ingredients most commonly used in soup making right there in your refrigerator, freezer, or cabinet shelf. I want to help alleviate momentum blockers like unplanned trips to the grocery store.

bowl of taco soup
Taco Soup

I Understand Overeating While You're Cooking

Another momentum blocker for me was being so hungry that I would eat a mini meal while I was cooking. Because who can cook when they are “hangry”? The mini meal made me feel more balanced, but it was only a temporary solution.

Eating this over-sized snack was a problem, because I followed it with a regular-sized meal when the main course was ready to serve. This cycle made no sense and didn’t serve me.

About Soup So Fine: Your Go-To Source for Soup Making

At Soup So Fine, I want to help you make soup that is both easy and delicious. Because what’s the purpose of making something fast if it doesn’t have much flavor, right? That’s why I not only make the recipes quick and easy to understand, but also show you how to get the most flavor from your ingredients. 

I want Soup So Fine to be your go-to-source for cooking confidence and happy, satisfying soup making. 

Here in one location, you’ll find the answers for everything from how to make stock to garnishing your soup in style, and even the best ways to freeze your soup for easy use later. My easy-to-follow instructions and videos break down the preparation and eliminate the stress of having to figure it out on your own. And isn’t it more fun cooking together?

Wishing you the very best,